Ulpan (Hebrew school)

Ulpan (Hebrew school)

As part of new Olim Absorption Basket you are entitled to go to Ulpan (Hebrew School).

The course is paid for but you do have to purchase the book for 50 NIS.  In some cases there are two books to purchase if you get both Aleph and Bet courses.  (Something they did not tell us about).

Unfortunately for me, I was in a class that was focused toward Russian speakers.  Not that I have anything against that but the problem was I was not learning Hebrew.  Better consideration needs to be given to English speaking students.  At least in the region where I live.

I was pressing in, spending hours of extra study at home as well as the five hours a day, four days a week in class.  But it was very draining.  I couldn’t imagine me continuing in this for six months.  The final decision was made for me to leave this particular class when I woke up from a dream saying, “dasvidanyia”; which is Russian for “goodbye”.  So I quit.  I didn’t like leaving the class but believe I will be able to get into another one better suited for me.

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