Israeli Drivers License and Health Insurance

Since the information I have on these is brief I decided to write a short blog with important information that was not easily available.

Israeli Drivers license can be easy received by new Olim if you can prove that you have at least 5 years driving history where you came from.  This is a new law and was only in-acted in 2017.  So many website have not been updated with this new information.


  1. Previous drivers license showing at least five years prior driving history.  In my case I had to show two drivers licenses because my old one had just renewed and didn’t show five years.
  2. You have to have this “green sheet”.  You receive this from and Optician. It cost fifty shekels.  They do a brief eye exam, take your picture and your money and give you a paper you must take with you to the Ministry of Transportation (Misrad Harishui).
  3. You also must have with you your Teudat Oleh and Teudat Zehut.
  4. Cost is: 430 NIS for 10 year license.  Which you pay at the Post Office.


Health Insurance

You are given a letter from the Absorption Ministry.  It doesn’t look like much but you need it.

You take that letter and your Teudot Oleh and Teudot Zehut to the Post office with 16 NIS cash and pay there.

There are four main health care plans to choose from, I listed three.  I’m not sure what they all offer.  I understand they are basic and pretty much the same.  If you need extra insurances you will have to pay more for those special features.

The main Insurances are:

  1. Maccabe
  2. Clalit
  3. Leumit

The Ministry of Absorption has people there to help you with questions in the community you live in.  Make use of them.


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