Considering Aliyah?

Are you considering making Aliyah?  There is an easy way and a hard way.  I think we chose the hard way.  However, we really didn’t consider making Aliyah until we were here in the land.

I believe the Jewish people are to return to the land of Israel.  It is part of the promise that HaShem gave us.  He said He would bring us back to the land from the places we were scattered.

Some of the papers you will need.  Birth Certificates, Rabbi Letter,  Marriage license (if married), Back ground check, Education Degrees and proof, drivers license and letters from Insurance companies showing claims ( this will be for car insurance if you purchase a vehicle; these don’t need appostille.).  All papers must be Apostilled by the State where the originals are from.

The more information the better.  Depending upon your age and what you are planning to do in Israel, will determine what other documents you might need.

There are programs for youths under 25 to come to Israel on a special trip to view the country, I believe it is called Birthright Israel.

Young people around 20-22 are required to join IDF.  HMMM…I didn’t fall into that category.

Each country has agencies that help with the process of making Aliyah from your home country.  In America it is Nefesh B Nefesh.  I believe if you are approved through this agency your flight to Israel is paid for, as well as, funds await you right when you arrive.

Like I said in a previous post, it is better if you can arrange your lodging before you arrive.  If not make sure you start with a temporary place so you can travel around Israel and find the region that best suits you.

If you can learn some Hebrew before you come that will be helpful to you.  You can get by with English but if you want to work in a career Hebrew is usually necessary; Google Translate proved to be very helpful.

You might also want to set up a way to make sure you can access funds from where you are leaving;  in the event you need to have others help out while you are getting established.  Banking is different here than in the US.

Our experience was personal.  Every experience is unique. I sincerely hope that if you decide to make Aliyah you do not experience the delays, disappointments and setbacks we did.  If we, could of, should have, would have….things would have been different.  I learned so I can share.

Having money when you come also helps.  Housing can be expensive.  Depends where you decide to live.  You can find apartments from 1500 NIS a month to as high as you want to go.  Just depends where you want to live.  Be prepared to get a refrigerator, oven, microwave, stove, washing machine, closet, bed, dressers, furniture and light fixtures.  Yes, I said light fixtures; they are not included in most apartments in Israel.  You can occasionally find partly furnished apartment which can be very helpful to start with.  Our first apartment had the basics in it.  A bed, a closet, some broken couches (we fixed), dining table and chairs, a stove, fridge and washing machine.  We purchased a little toaster oven to start.  (I felt like I was cooking in with a Betty Crocker oven but it was better than nothing.)  There were also a couple of plates, silverware, cups and pans, sheets, and towels.  This makes a difference when you are starting with nothing.  You don’t think about these things until you need them.  If you have to buy them it will add up in a hurry.

If you move with a plan you can bring things that you will need with you.  I believe they give you a customs discount.  We, however, didn’t plan to do this so we weren’t prepared.

I hope I answered some more questions you might have.  If you have other question put them in the comments section and I will try to answer them.




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