Difference Between Teudot Zehut and Teudot Oleh

Difference Between Teudot Zehut and Teudot Oleh

When you are approved for citizenship by Israel they issue you a Teudot Zehut in the Ministry of Interior offices.  They gave me a printed one, as well as, their new Bio Card; which you receive in the mail in about two weeks.

I don’t exactly know what features are in the Bio card.  They take a picture of you in their offices and finger print your two pointer fingers; left hand and right.

I am assuming there is some kind of chip and that when they take your picture you are now put into their facial recognition files.

Other than that I don’t know because all the papers you sign are in Hebrew, so unless you read Hebrew you have no idea what you signed.

The clerk did not tell us about the next step or the Absorption Basket or where we get it unless we asked.  So we knew to ask.

Next step is making an appointment with the Aliyah Absorption Center.  You need to do this immediately because you need the ID they give you, the Teudot Oleh, to open a bank account.  Which you want to do because they give new Olim a stipen for six months to help you while you get settled.

You also need your Teudot Oleh to get the discount on Arnona (which is apt. or house tax) for a year.

They also requested the Teudot Oleh when getting and Israeli drivers license.

Also as part of your Absorption basket you get Health Insurance (which you also need Teudot Oleh for) for a year.  You also are able to receive a voucher for Ulpan (Hebrew class).

I will explain briefly about the Drivers License and Health Insurance in a separate blog.


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