Another Dilemma

Another Dilemma

We have found as we go through the Aliyah process a series of trials.  Only the Persistent prevail.

I had finally received the approval of my coveted “rabbi” letter by the Ministry of Interior.  Only to be told I needed documentation I already gave them, and they received; to be resubmitted.  Not only would they not receive the originals and the apostilled documents they way they had been received before but I had to send my originals back to the US to be apostilled there.  It has been three weeks and they have still not arrived with certified letter post!  So prepare for aggravation, more grey hair and to wait, and wait, and wait.

What is also upsetting is that there are many agencies that raise funds for people making Aliyah.  Except they can’t give the funds to you to help you in the waiting process.  They are restricted to give it to people who have already been approved which does not help the people who are in the land going through the process; which there are plenty of.

And really, the people who have been approved get benefits from Israel.  So they receive financial help.  The Aliyah centers actually charge new Olim to stay in their facilities.  Not much discounted either.  To be fare, you may find some Aliyah houses who will house you for 1 to 3 weeks for free.  Check online prices for apartments before you come.  Even houses can be reasonable to rent in the right part of the country.  You don’t need to live in a kibbutz or in a receiving center.  You would be better off finding a place to stay before you come.

I did not know I would be making Aliyah until I came to the land.  Therefore I did not have any of the papers necessary in advance from the States.  The more you have done there the better.

Get everything Apostilled.  Marriage License, Birth Certificates, Background Checks, Education Degrees.  The more the better.  Then if they ask for it you have it.  Of course there are agencies in the States that will help with that if you file before you go.  Then it is easy.

But if you are like me and many others prepare to have people to help you in the States as Ministry of Interior has you jump through hoops to get your citizenship.  Also,  financial backers are very helpful during the process.

We have had to go through a lot because we didn’t have the finances to just make things easy.

Because of my experience I want to be able to help others through the process, even if it is just with information.

Also, it is important to know.  Aliyah houses are temporary.  They are places for you to get a feel for the land.  See for yourself where you want to plant yourself.  Find a job.  You are expected to move out in a short time.  The support they give you is also temporary.  It is just for you to get your bearings.   There are plenty of agencies that will help you find housing, take Hebrew classes, find jobs and get involved in the community.  Many people speak English and the number is increasing.  So don’t be scared or apprehensive.

Israel is different from the USA.  It is a Middle-eastern country.  The mindset here is different.  Don’t expect it to be like America because it is not.  Not that it is so bad, just different.



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