Getting a Rabbi letter

One of the most important documents you will need to have with your Aliyah papers is a letter from a Rabbi.

The letter must have the following information included.  The more information the better.

  • Confirmation of Communal affiliation.
  • Confirm Jewish by birth
  • Any kind of proof through records or clergy or statement thereof
  • Personal and historical connection
  • Lineage – Have the letter state the names of Mother/Father, Grandparents….etc.
  • The letter must be signed by a Rabbi recognized by the Ministry of Interior in Israel. (there is a special list)

The more information the better.  My first Rabbi letter did not have all this information, it could have.  I wasn’t told what needed to be on it.  It has caused denial and delays because I lacked the information.  Hopefully, this will help others not have the same pitfall.

I was raised knowing I was Jewish but we lived secular so I didn’t have knowledge of everything I needed.  I believe others like me are out there so I’m just making you aware.



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